Audio-visual and Press

The audio-visual and press sectors frequently raise issues of labour law (implementation of the status of journalists, fixed-term contracts, working hours, etc.); business litigation (commercial litigation on content distribution, acquisition litigation); criminal law (defamation, image rights, etc.); intellectual property law (copyright and authors’ contracts, trademark law, broadcasting rights, etc.).

The teams in the Business Litigation Department, the Employment Department, the Criminal Department and the Intellectual Property Department at 186 | AVOCATS regularly assist players in these sectors (journalists, agencies, channels, authors, telecommunication operators or platforms) on these issues.

The dedicated lawyers assist their clients in:

  • Negotiating and drafting audio-visual production contracts (journalist contracts, author contracts, broadcasting contracts)
  • Litigation over the conditions of renegotiating distribution contracts (anti-competitive practices)
  • Reclassification of fixed-term contracts as permanent contracts or service agreements as employment contracts
  • Negotiating departures or challenging dismissals
  • Protecting and defending the rights attaching to any audio-visual work

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