Investment Funds (Private Equity & Real Estate)

186 | AVOCATS has significant expertise in the investment fund sector. In particular, the firm assists asset management companies in the creation and legal administration of professional investment funds (private equity funds), professional real estate investment funds, real estate investment trusts, open-ended real estate investment trusts and their SPVs.

The firm has set up a team dedicated to this sector.

186 | AVOCATS has, for example, provided advisory services in:

  • The creation of professional real estate investment funds and variable capital real estate investment companies
  • Supporting asset management companies in the creation of subsidiaries and SPVs
  • The creation and management of a real-estate investment trust
  • Structuring a €40 million real-estate transaction (funding, drafting the shareholder agreement, issuance of preference shares)
  • Legal secretariat of funds: approval of accounts, declaration and change of permanent representative, update of the declaration of beneficial owners, board of directors’ management
  • The full audit (corporate and regulatory) of a professional private equity fund with a view to its winding up
  • Assisting a fund in the context of litigation impacting the value/level of its interests

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