Telecommunications & Infrastructure

186 | AVOCATS has been developing know-how and expertise in the telecommunications sector for several years, particularly in the nationwide deployment of dedicated networks, equipment and infrastructure (fibre optics, FTTN, public networks, mobile telephony, relays, masts, etc).

The firm has set up a team dedicated to the challenges of the sector and acts on behalf of private and public operators and tower companies in property and co-ownership law, contract law, construction law, competition law, urban planning law and the related issues involved in the construction and development of network infrastructure.

186 | AVOCATS has, for example, advised and acted for clients in:

  • Audit and risk analysis in the context of a partial transfer of passive infrastructure assets (masts and high points)
  • Defending and managing the interests of an operator before the civil courts in litigation concerning abnormal neighbourhood disturbance
  • Implementing strategies in response to unfair competition by land aggregators
  • Defending an operator’s interests before the commercial courts in the context of the construction of a data centre
  • Assisting an operator and a TowerCo with judicial expert opinions in disputes over their real estate assets
  • Drafting an application for a priority preliminary ruling on an issue of constitutionality for an operator’s land corporation in the context of a property sale dispute

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