Law of companies, non-profits and groups

We assist our clients (key accounts, SMEs, start-ups, investment funds) with all their legal issues.

In particular, we advise companies and their leaders at all stages of their structuring, external growth and funding: deal preparation, due diligence, negotiations, drafting legal documentation and handling formalities. We also have extensive experience in shareholder disputes and post-acquisition litigation.

Our team works with the firm’s other departments to provide multidisciplinary expertise. We handle cross-border transactions and have a network of correspondents in many countries.

  • Business start-up (advice on the choice of form, drafting of by-laws)
  • Funding (friends & family, seed capital, series A and B)
  • Share issues (stock options, share warrants, founder share warrants, free shares, etc.)
  • Bond issues (SAFE, ordinary bonds, convertible bonds, equity notes, etc.)
  • Capital increase
  • Capital reduction
  • Drafting and negotiating shareholder agreements
  • Company acquisitions and disposals

  • Liabilities guarantees
  • Term Sheets
  • Sales of businesses
  • Mergers
  • Complete transfers of assets
  • Dissolution/liquidation
  • By-law amendments
  • Annual legal follow-up

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