Cafés, restaurants, hotels and co-working/co-living activities

186 | AVOCATS acts regularly for clients in the hospitality sector and in the more recent activities of co-working and co-living spaces, assisting professionals with their structuring, business negotiations (acquisition or sales) and with all the difficulties they encounter in the course of their activity.

The teams of the Commercial Law and Real Estate Law departments are well versed in the challenges of the sector and act on behalf of restaurant owners, managers of hotels and cafés, and professional representative groups (trade unions) in the fields of company law, ownership and co-ownership law, contractual engineering, real property law, competition law/commercial law and insurance law.

186 | AVOCATS has, for example, advised and acted for clients in:

  • Mass litigation between several restaurant owners, hotels and youth hostels and insurance companies in the context of the coverage of their operating losses during the Covid-19 epidemic health crisis
  • Implementing pre-litigation strategies in response to anti-competitive conduct and restrictive practices by collaborative platforms
  • Assisting restaurant, café and hotel owners in the acquisition or sale of several businesses and the negotiation or renegotiation of their commercial leases
  • Assisting co-working and co-living centres in the commercial and legal structuring of their activity (consideration of legal and tax status, drafting general and special terms and conditions, finding and negotiating partnerships)
  • Supporting restaurant owners in setting up a franchise network (analysing the advisability of creating a network, contractual structuring and subsequent negotiations, and concrete implementation)
  • Assisting restaurant and café owners in obtaining licences to sell or serve alcohol and subsequent negotiations
  • Handling litigation (interlocutory proceedings and main case) linked to difficulties encountered by professionals in their activity vis-à-vis lessors and associations of co-owners (compliance of the activity with the co-ownership regulations, management of possible disturbances linked to odours, noise/neighbourhood disturbances)

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