Construction and Public Works

Companies in the construction sector must comply with numerous regulations and face a high risk of litigation, particularly in the areas of labour law, social security law, construction law, property law and criminal law.

Additionally the employees of these companies are faced with specific problems (non-compliance with health and safety rules, co-employer situations, employment contract transfers, etc.) which require special support.

The teams in the Employment Department and the Real Estate & Construction Department of 186 | AVOCATS assist their clients on a daily basis in these matters.

The dedicated lawyers assist their clients:

On employment and penal law aspects

  • Negotiating and drafting employment contracts
  • Relations with the Employment Standards Inspectorate or trade union organisations
  • Litigation before the industrial tribunal, the employment section of the judicial courts (formerly the court of social security affairs for occupational disease-related disputes or employer liability cases)
  • Criminal proceedings after an occupational accident

On construction law aspects

  • Negotiating and drafting construction contracts (construction work, subcontracting, prime contractorship, design office, project management, property development, design and execution, etc.)
  • Preventive interlocutory proceedings
  • Contract performance litigation and pre-litigation (preparation of claims and legal action, management of additional work, judicial acceptance, etc.)
  • Builder liability litigation (completion, two-year and ten-year guarantees, contractual liability)
  • Application of builder insurance

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