Corporate criminal law

186 | AVOCATS assists clients, mainly companies, executives or employees, but also individuals, when they are faced with criminal issues:

- after identifying this kind of risk in the context of their activities;

The firm provides support to limit and address the risk.

- because they are accused, either officially in the context of prosecution or in circumstances liable to give rise to prosecution;

The firm defends clients as regards their reputation (defamation, insult, violation of the presumption of innocence) and at all stages in criminal proceedings (voluntary policy questioning, police custody, judicial information, challenging seizures, litigation over security measures - pre-trial detention, house arrest under electronic surveillance, judicial control -, criminal trial).

- when they have been directly victims of an offence;

The firm assists them with filing a complaint or a report to the public prosecutor or a complaint with civil action to the judge, and more generally to all institutions or authorities that need to be informed of the reported criminal behaviour (anti-corruption agency, rights advocate, regulatory authorities, etc.).

186 | AVOCATS mainly works in the following areas:

  • Corporate criminal law (misuse of corporate property, bankruptcy, fraud)
  • Tax and customs offences (laundering the proceeds of tax evasion, import and transport of counterfeit goods)
  • Crimes against public administration (corruption, unlawful acquisition of interests, nepotism, discrimination by a person in authority or in charge of a public service mission)

  • Special offences (consumer law, breaches of the public health code, offences in construction, breaches of the military code)
  • Violation of labour regulations and unintentional offences (harassment, workplace discrimination, obstruction, occupational accidents, manslaughter or unintentional injury)
  • Injury to reputation (defamation, insults, denigration, violation of the presumption of innocence, cyber-stalking)

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