• Lyon III :Master 2 Droit fondamental des affaires
  • EM Lyon Grande Ecole


Matthieu de Vallois works mainly in business litigation and business criminal law.

After working in the law firm CVML, he founded 186 | AVOCATS in 2012.

He assists businesses and their leaders with their commercial disputes (performance and breach of contracts, unfair competition, insolvency proceedings, Article 145 pre-litigation procedures) and in the context of injury to their reputation (defamation, slander).

He assists companies, investment funds, executives or shareholders in the event of shareholder disputes (enforcement litigation, abuse of majority rights, management expertise, etc.).

He also acts before the criminal courts for client companies, executives, public officers and individuals in litigation concerning penalties (misuse of corporate property, fraud, unlawful acquisition of interests, favouritism, laundering the proceeds of tax evasion, breaches of the public health code and the consumer code, discrimination) and in commercial litigation (liability for deficiency of assets).

He assists or represents clients in cases arising in a variety of sectors, particularly telecommunications, energy, the health industry and aviation.

He is a lawyer at the Paris Bar and former Secretary of the Conference.

Experience highlights:

  • defending a company of a listed group that was the victim of a smear strategy in the context of commercial negotiations
  • assisting an alternative electricity supplier against EDF in the context of the application of a force majeure clause in an ARENH (regulated access to France’s historic nuclear energy) contract
  • assisting investment funds faced with abuse of majority or minority rights in the context of capital transactions likely to jeopardise or condition the retention of their stake
  • assisting a listed group in the context of monitoring its doubtful customers (insolvency proceedings) and commercial litigation
  • assisting a telecommunications operator that faced obstruction in the context of its deployment activity
  • acting for a judicial liquidator against a former director sued for bankruptcy in the airline sector
  • defending the founder of a company pioneering the marketing of CBD-based e-liquids and prosecuted for breaches of the public health code and deception
  • assisting individuals in the context of a preliminary investigation into complicity in laundering the proceeds of tax evasion and the concealment of this offence in connection with a sale of securities identified as the proceeds of tax fraud
  • defending an individual accused of corruption of a public official in the context of obtaining sponsorships for the presidential election
  • assisting a specialist doctor accused of unlawful acquisition of interests in the Mediator case