Press and audio-visual law

We assist and act for our clients (individuals as well as legal entities) in specific press law proceedings relating to reputation/e-reputation, image and privacy rights and personality rights in general.

We particularly advise and defend our clients in litigation relating to abuses of freedom of expression (defamation, insults and denigration).

We also assist our clients when they suffer or commit invasions of privacy, or violations of image rights or the presumption of innocence.

Furthermore, the firm advises individuals and companies in pre-litigation steps relating more specifically to requests for the removal of illicit content or the identification of Internet users.


  • Defamation / insults
  • Violation of personality rights (privacy, image rights)
  • Violation of the presumption of innocence
  • Denigration
  • E-reputation / cyberstalking


  • Removal of unlawful online content
  • Identification of authors on the internet
  • De-listing / right to be forgotten

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