Business Litigation

We defend the interests of our clients - listed groups, SMEs, directors - when they are at stake, either in the context of their corporate existence (shareholder disputes, post-acquisition litigation, director’s liability) or their economic activity, handling both recurring difficulties and conflict situations with a high strategic impact, including within the framework of insolvency proceedings.

We assist our clients in detecting and preventing risky situations and help them find negotiated solutions in pre-litigation situations (conciliation, mediation).

We act for them before the judicial and administrative courts and other authorities during the litigation stages of the disputes they face. In this regard, 186 | AVOCATS provides clients with advice both during the pre-litigation stages (request for expert opinions and finding evidence with a view to court proceedings or taking conservatory measures) and for the enforcement of decisions.

As the firm regularly practises criminal law, we can advise our clients when their corporate or commercial difficulties comprise a penal dimension.

Commercial law

  • Debt recovery litigation - management of doubtful customers (attachment, interlocutory proceedings, summons for judicial liquidation, monitoring debtor insolvency proceedings, negotiating with debtor insolvency bodies)
  • Litigation over the performance of commercial contracts
  • Anti-competitive practice litigation (sudden termination of established business relations, significant imbalance, etc.)
  • Breakdown of negotiations, unfair competition, free-riding, defamation
  • Consumer law litigation (unfair terms, unlawful commercial practices, deception)

Company law

  • Shareholder disputes (over capital transactions or cancellation of general meetings, management expertise, appointment of ad hoc administrators, breach of shareholder agreements)
  • Acquisition-related litigation (termination of negotiations, refusal to perform a promise to sell, post-acquisition litigation with application of an assets and liabilities guarantee, etc.)
  • Director liability (detachable fault, duty of loyalty, mismanagement, directors' surety bonds)

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