Property Law

186 | AVOCATS advises and acts for property developers, co-ownership management agents, land corporations, infrastructure operators, retailers and cafés/hotels/restaurants, particularly to defend them in the context of leases, real-estate transactions, and disputes relating to co-ownerships.

We advise them on negotiating and drafting legal documents and act for them in the event of disputes over the performance of their contracts or concerning their real property.

Property Law

  • Emergency expertise
  • Cessation of manifestly unlawful disturbance
  • Abnormal neighbourhood disturbances
  • Joint use / Easements / Boundary marking / Encroachment
  • Advice and litigation in real-estate transactions (asset deal, share deal)
  • Rent-to-own
  • Ownership: split ownership, action for repossession

Commercial Leases

  • Drafting and negotiating leases (retail, offices, hospitality activities)
  • Judicial or amicable rent setting for commercial lease renewal
  • Judicial or amicable definition of eviction indemnities
  • Recovery of rent payments and service charges / Cancellation clauses
  • Performance litigation
  • End-of-lease litigation (repairs, access, etc.)

Residential leases

  • Drafting and negotiation
  • Performance litigation
  • Rent collection
  • Evictions


  • Co-ownership litigation (AGM disputes, regularisation of transitional lots, privately used common parts, etc.)
  • Audit and compliance of co-ownership regulations and articles of co-owners’ associations
  • Splitting and dissolution of co-ownership
  • Subdivision of land (implementing/challenging specifications and regulations)
  • Recovery of co-ownership charges
  • Foreclosure


  • Building and development permit audits
  • Appeals against urban planning authorisations

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